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Joey Votto sees your comments about his 'decline,' and he (and his biceps) are ready to prove you wrong

Joey Votto has big plans for 2019. The Reds first baseman is coming off a 2018 season that saw him lead the National League with a .417 OBP and lead the Majors in delightfully irreverent on-field antics.

But at 35, he's "old," at least according to the pundits. And, after a season that saw him hit just 12 home runs, the fewest he's hit in a single season in which he totaled at least 130 games, he isn't interested in hearing about his so-called "decline."

Just look at this photo the Reds shared on Twitter on Wednesday:


He sees your criticism, even if he isn't as visible on social media as some other players. And he'll use it -- and those gigantic biceps -- to fuel his focus for 2019.

Never change, Joey.