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Luke Maile went over the dugout railing, so John Gibbons used his catching skills to keep him safe

You ever see "Dirty Dancing," and the iconic scene when Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey over his head in a graceful, swooping arc? Yeah, this isn't that. 
In the Blue Jays' 11-0 loss to the Yankees on Friday night, Luke Maile found himself too close to the dugout while trying to catch Gary Sánchez's popup. So, when he went over the edge, manager John Gibbons leaped into action and, with the help of some coaches, lifted him back onto the field.

While it was effective, it wasn't nearly so pretty. Just compare the two:

"He's heavier than I thought he was," Gibbons said after the game. "I'll protect the catchers. Somebody else might pull them in, but catchers I'll help." 
"He's stronger than I initially thought he was," Luke Maile said. "I was glad he was there. I thought I'd be able to make a play on it, but the wind drifted it a little bit more. I'm glad he was there."