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Jonathan Lucroy's balance board #NoOffseason workout might make you rethink your own routine

Balance. We all need a healthy amount of balance in our lives, whether that refers to how we manage work with our "normal lives" or the physical balance required of professional athletes.
Imagine being a catcher. Not only do you have to squat behind home plate for hours every day, but you have to do so while remaining highly alert at all times. Being a catcher is a grueling task, requiring some elite physical skills as well as mental sharpness.
Combine the two, and you get an idea of Jonathan Lucroy's workout plan, as well as his entry to the ongoing #NoOffseason social media barrage by players as they get ready for the season ahead: 

Chris Archer was impressed:

But Lucroy definitely felt the burn:

In recent weeks, the #NoOffseason push has hit baseball hard. Luis Valbuenasmashed a giant tire with a hammer. Giancarlo Stantondid Giancarlo Stanton things at the gym. Anthony Rizzotook a fitness class. Andrew McCutchendid intense things on a treadmill
You get the idea. How do you feel about your workout routine now?