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José Iglesias sprung to his feet after a superb play

It almost seems like a quirk in the system that José Iglesias has never won a Gold Glove Award. He's near-universally considered to be among the best defensive shortstops in baseball, but it was tough to nab the honor with the Tigers while also playing in the same league as Andrelton Simmons and Francisco Lindor.

Signing with the Reds for 2019 offered a whole new opportunity for Iglesias. Could this finally be the year? With plays like the one he made on Saturday against Carlos Santana, it very well could be.

Iglesias even has that special bit of flair that could put him over the top:

Those are some Arya Stark in Braavos moves right there.


If Ozzie Smith taught us anything, it's that a little flair at the position never hurt in the eyes of the voters.

Maybe Iglesias is on to something. Either way, his ongoing defensive masterclass is something to behold.