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Phillip Ervin weaved himself through the fans in the stands to make a terrific catch

The best outfielders often seem to have a certain flair for acrobatics. You don't have to run up a wall like Bo Jackson, but if you can contort yourself enough, you can make some pretty special catches.

That was the challenge at hand for outfielder Phillip Ervin during the ninth inning of the Reds' 1-0 win over the Brewers on Independence Day. The game was on the line with Christian Yelich on second base and Mike Moustakas at the plate as the go-ahead run against Raisel Iglesias.

Moutakas lifted a high fly down the left-field line, far from where Ervin was originally positioned. Still, the left fielder charged over as the ball threatened to land in the arms of some eager fans in foul territory.

Somehow, Ervin managed to spin himself into the appropriate spot to snatch the ball away for the out:

That is a tough play to make, especially given all the moving parts involved and bodies in the way. But Ervin made it look as smooth as possible.

Such form is just second nature for Ervin, who's figured out ways to look similarly graceful both on the bases ...

... and on some slippery grass in right field:

I would be stumbling all over the place. If Ervin wants to teach me some better dance moves before I get married next year, then I will sign up for his first lesson and pay in advance.