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I have no idea how this play was even physically possible

We watch sports to see feats of amazing athletic achievement; to witness things we thought unfathomable without the aid of pulleys and wires and computer generated graphics. Reds shortstop Jose Iglesias is here to make sure we don't leave disappointed.

I've watched this countless times now, and I'm still not sure how any of it worked. How did he reach the baseball? In what planet was he able to throw a ball some 100+ feet to first base from his back? How did he even know where first base was from there?

Of course, you may be saying: He didn't get the out. And yes, I understand that. But Iglesias still did that. Does the fact that it was just a few seconds late to the bag mean that you have to wipe it from your memory? Your breath catching as you watched the play unfold, the moment you realized he was actually going to pull it off -- why should that be cheapened?

Soccer fans know that you can enjoy the spectacular regardless of the result. Like, for example, when Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino pulled this off. The shot missed, but that's not the point -- the point is we saw something amazing, something that'll stick with you long after the game is over.

So, yes, Iglesias' play might not be the play of the decade because he didn't get the out, but it should still be remembered for the kind of thing we watch sports for: a moment of sublime emerging out of thin air.