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Juan Uribe drops in to wish bride luck before her wedding, remains gift to all mankind

Juan Uribe is nothing if not a man/fashion icon of the people. Wherever there are teams in need of managers, he'll be there. Wherever there are pitchers who need to be sparred with, he'll be there. Wherever there are Backstreet Boys jams that need to be sung, he'll be there.

And, as one lucky Uribe fan discovered prior to Saturday's Indians-Phillies game, wherever there are brides-to-be in need of inspiration, he'll be there.

The woman in the video is Jane. Originally from Los Angeles, she's getting married in Philadelphia this weekend when the Indians just happened to be in town. Before her big day, she wanted to meet Uribe -- and, because he's Juan Uribe, of course he obliged. We can only hope this hints at his post-baseball career: Juan Uribe, life coach.