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Justin Turner applied the Bird Box Challenge to baseball

Since Netflix released the post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box last month, something called the #BirdBoxChallenge has become very much a thing across social media. The challenge essentially consists of people putting on blindfolds before attempting to complete various tasks, which (no spoilers) is a key aspect of the film's plot.
People have been doing all kinds of stuff with blindfolds on to "complete" the challenge, from putting on lipstick to yoyoing to even cheerleading. And now, thanks to Dodgers third baseman/coordinated garden gnome Justin Turner, we've got ourselves a baseball version of the #BirdBoxChallenge.

Even though it took JT a few tries to actually make contact, this is still a pretty impressive display of the baseballing sixth sense and definitely means Turner would do pretty well in a Bird Box-style universe. Whether Turner would be able to keep posting batting averages above .300 blindfolded is a different story though ...
Now Netflix has explicitly cautioned people from doing stuff blindfolded so be very careful before trying this potentially dangerous baseball stunt at home.