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Keith Hernandez makes Twitter worthwhile

Keith Hernandez has technically been on Twitter since 2015, but he only became an active user this month. He tweets sweet observations about the world and baseball, but has also gifted us many videos of his cat, Hadji:

On this week's Cut4Cast, Dakota, Gemma and Chris are inspired by Hernandez and proclaim that all tweets should be sincere (18:02). They also discuss rookie debuts to get excited (1:47) for and MLB FoodFest delights (23:18). Chris also agrees with the Yankees fan who wore a "Don't Boo Stanton" T-shirt (8:04):

Dakota and Gemma throw their support behind him, too. The Cut4Cast is anti-booing players, at least this week. To listen to the episode, find it on the Cut4Cast iTunes page or click play below: