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Ken Burns is considering adding a Cubs-inspired entry to his famous 'Baseball' documentary

Discussing the 20th anniversary of his 18 1/2-hour "Baseball" documentary back in September 2014, Ken Burns predicted what it would take to make an "11th Inning" entry to the series (a "Tenth Inning" follow-up came out in 2010):

"Something has to happen, though," Burns said at the time. "Clearly, if the Cubs win the World Series, I'm there."

Well, well, well.

Burns was thinking "somewhere in the 2020s," but just two years after his comments, the Cubs took home their first championship in more than a century -- hey, he's a student of history, not the future. Now, though, he seems ready to make good on his promise. On Sunday, he told Variety that he's "sort of obligated" to add an update, once he and his partner Lynn Novick "figure out how to go back to it."

Of course, Burns has plenty of material to work with: Jake Arrieta's no-hitter, Kris Bryant's MVP season, Ben Zobrist's bicycle ride to work, Bryzzo --the list of documentary-worthy moments from the 2016 Cubs goes on and on.

Heck, he could just take notes from David Ross' upcoming book