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Ken Griffey Jr. stood in and swung at the Japan Opening Series ceremonial first pitch

Ken Griffey Jr.'s swing inspired an entire generation of young baseball fans. The Swingman silhouette is still one of the most iconic images in baseball history, even now after Griffey's playing career. Just imagining that sweet and fluid lefty hack followed by the smoothest of bat drops is enough to bring a smile to the face and a tear to the eye.

With Junior in Tokyo for the Mariners' Opening Series games against Oakland, we got a rare opportunity to see that legendary swing once again during the ceremonial first pitch on Thursday.

As Griffey later explained on the broadcast, it's Japanese tradition to have someone stand in and purposefully swing and miss at the first pitch. So with former Oakland Athletic and local pitching legend Keiichi Yabu throwing out the first pitch, Junior took a controlled, but undeniably recognizable swing.

Brb, going to go watch Griffey highlights on repeat now.