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Kenley Jansen showed off his new home gym, and it's super nice

A good gym has more than just all the equipment an athlete needs for a good workout. It should also be convenient and make him or her feel comfortable. In other words, an athlete should feel at home in the gym.
The Dodgers closer will certainly feel at home in his new gym, since it's in his home. While most home gyms trade some functionality for convenience, Jansen's appears to have both in spades, plus enough room to fit a sizable shoe collection:

Everything from the lighting to the wood paneling to the fridge stocked with water bottles gives Jansen's home workout room the feel of an expensive boutique gym. Since he made his debut in 2010, Jansen has been one of the best relievers in baseball. It's probably not great news for opposing hitters that he'll no longer have to leave his home to get in a good workout.