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Kevin Pillar flew through the air for a diving catch that will take your breath away

Kevin Pillar has made a career out of spectacular catches in the outfield. Whether he's hanging on the wall to rob a home run or diving to reach balls he has no business catching, the Giants outfielder has a seemingly endless capacity to make viewers gasp.

At this point, we should be able to broaden our collective sense of what is possible on balls hit in Pillar's direction. Perhaps it's a limitation of the human mind that he still has the ability to make our jaws drop or just another illustration of why he's fully earned the nickname of "Superman."

Either way, the catch he made in the first inning of Saturday's game against the D-backs shouldn't be possible:

There's maybe no greater testimony to the greatness of Pillar's catch than what happened after it. Adam Jones -- who's now in his 14th season in the Majors -- was so unprepared for him to catch it that he got doubled up at first base.

Even watching the catch again and knowing that Pillar's going to pull it off, it's still a bit surprising to see that ball actually end up in his glove. It just shouldn't be possible.

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