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Enrique Hernandez pretended to throw the Kings' puck into the crowd on Dodgers Night

Although the ice has almost thawed on baseball's long offseason, the Dodgers and the Los Angeles Kings got together for an event before it vanishes entirely. On Saturday, the Kings hosted Dodgers Night at the Staples Center with their players donning Dodgers jerseys during warmups:

That wasn't all though. They had NLCS heroEnrique Hernández on hand to do the ceremonial puck drop.
Hernandez being who he is, though, had to add his own little spin on it by faking a throw:

Maybe he just saw a cut-off man in the stands! It's in his instincts, after all.
Hernandez also got to make faces at teammate Justin Turner's good friend, Kings forward Tyler Toffoli:

Don't worry, Tyler, we won't tell on you with Justin.
The Kings went on to shut out the Arizona Coyotes, 6-0, and Hernandez had plenty of awesome memories to take home.