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The Cubs and Cardinals are already mad at each other and that's good

It's barely 2019. We're still about a month from pitchers and catchers reporting. It'll be extremely not baseball weather in many baseball cities on Monday. 
Yet, thankfully, there is an NL Central rivalry heating up the offseason. It involves the Cubs and Cardinals -- specifically Kris Bryant, Ryan Dempster, Yadier Molina and John Brebbia -- and it is a spicy one. It all started with Bryant and former Cub Dempster taking some shots at the city of St. Louis on Friday night:

Cardinals legend and notable Instagram statement maker Molina then responded to the comments. He was not pleased.

Cardinals outfielder Marcell Ozuna commented on the Instagram that "they [the Cubs] talk like tigers, but at the end they gonna be like little cat," while St. Louis reliever Brebbia went old school Justin Timberlake with a, "Cry me a river, loser." Bryant is said loser in this situation.

A few thoughts:
- Bryant and Dempster seem to be joking and more playing to the Cubs crowd in attendance. But "boring" is a pretty vague word. Why boring? Also, when did Ryan Dempster get a late-night talk show?
- Yadi's use of "loser," "respect" and "elite" is a little overdone. He probably could've just said something like: "Count the ringz, Chicago" (with a photo of himself wearing the two he's won). The Cubs have one in the last 100 years, while the Cards have 11. That being said, I did like his photo stream of Brebbia's comment, Dempster giving up a dinger to the Cards and Bryant back in the Minor Leagues. Solid owns.
- If Brebbia did indeed mean to reference J.T. in his response, that's a great comeback. All that was needed was another Cardinal popping in over his shoulder saying, "The damage is done, so I guess I be leaving."
- Ozuna's comment and haiku (maybe?) is the best rebuttal. It should be overlaid on a poster of Wrigley Field and hung in the Cardinals clubhouse all season long. He could even recite it before the team's first home game against the Cubs on May 31. It would be beautiful.
Anyway, all of this is good. We're still a couple months from Opening Day and two of baseball's oldest rivals are already firing barbs at each other. Let's hope the Pirates, Brewers and Reds get involved soon.