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Kyle Seager crept around third while waiting to find out if his home run was, well, a home run

Chances are, you've never thought of Tiny Tim's bizarre 1968 hit "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" when watching a home run trot -- until now, that is. 
That's because when Kyle Seager went deep against the Rays in the ninth inning of the Mariners' 6-4 win on Thursday, his homer rocketed back onto the field of play after hitting a seat. With the decision betweeen home run and ball-in-play not clear, Seager opted to play it safe. 

Either that or Seager had just finished binge watching old Looney Tunes cartoons and he wanted to show off his Bugs Bunny sneak: 

Of course, Seager says it's much simpler than that. As the third baseman told's Greg Johns: 
"I was more messing with the umpire. He was signaling with me to go home, so I was messing with him a little. I didn't see them signal, so I was running and I heard him yelling that I was granted four or something like that."
Unfortunately for Seager and the Mariners, the celebration had to be put on hold while the umpires reviewed the dinger to make sure that, yes, the ball bouncing back into play was just the result of chair physics and not the result of a ball off the wall. 
When it was over and the umpires made that fun "whirly bird" home run signal, Nelson Cruz had no choice but to wrap Seager up in his arms. 

Well, either that or they were listening to Tiny Tim and simply had to dance.