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Let's wish Anthony Rizzo a happy 28th birthday with some of his happiest moments

Anthony Rizzo has accomplished far more in his first 27 years on this earth than just about anyone could ask out of a lifetime. He's hit more than 150 home runs, made three All-Star teams, received votes for the NL MVP Award and, of course, won a World Series.
With all those accomplishments, there's little we can do to make Rizzo any happier on the occasion of his 28th birthday. Instead, let's allow his birthday to bring us joy. You see, Rizzo is a joyous fellow, so the best way to celebrate his birthday is to join him in that joy.
The sort of joy that sends beverages spewing is what we're looking for.

Or maybe the sort of joy that can only be found in the company of friends:

Only in the proper, happy mindset can we, like Rizzo, take the same objects that bruise us ...

And make them our favorite gifts:

So, on this, Rizzo's 28th birthday, take joy in the simple things, like haircuts:

Or in finding the perfect partner:

Even though he's a year older and may utilize the old-school move of choking up on the bat with more frequency:

He's still decades away from the days when the routine will become more difficult:

There's no reason not to celebrate. So, Happy Birthday, Rizzo! We hope it's a home run.