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Luke Voit really let this mouthful of sunflower seeds get the best of him

It may be Opening Day, but Luke Voit's game is in midseason form. Last year's Trade Deadline acquisition-turned-pennant race folk hero kicked the Yankees' 2019 season off with a bang on Thursday, hitting a three-run homer in the bottom of the first.

His ability to successfully consume sunflower seeds, however, remains stuck somewhere in late February:

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That’s not how you eat seeds, Luke Voit.

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OK, that clearly did not go well. But what exactly was Voit trying to do here: Swallow them whole, shells and all? Throw a bunch at his mouth like it was fly paper and see what sticks? Was the original handful too big, forcing him to let a few drop onto the dugout floor? Does Voit know how sunflower seeds work? We need answers.