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Manny Machado's unsettling birthday cake looks exactly like chicken nuggets

There's one simple fact that all humans know: Calories don't count on your birthday. The other 364 days a year? Sure.

Manny Machado knows this. The superstar infielder for the Padres surely eats clean most of the year, but even professional athletes have cravings. So, for his 27th birthday on Saturday, he combined the two into one: A McDonald's chicken nugget cake.

Now, before you get grossed out, this is not a cake filled with chicken nuggets. Rather, it's just designed to look like one.

There are a few little Easter eggs to spot in here, as well, including a 13-piece McNugget box for Machado's uniform number, as well as his personal Double-M logo instead of the golden arches. Sadly, while Machado has us salivating for both fast food and dessert, we should probably stick to the egg whites and salads. I mean, unless it's your birthday, too.