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Please inform us if you have any idea what happened to the Twins on this error

Wednesday was a lovely afternoon for baseball in Minnesota as the Twins squared off with the Angels. It was 69 degrees and partly cloudy at first pitch, and the clouds didn't take long to go away. Do playing conditions get any more ideal than that?

You'd think so, but based on the actual baseball that happened, I'm not so sure. There was Brian Goodwin overrunning second base and needing to scooch his way backward on his behind, there was Trevor Cahill doing a poor impression of Mark Buehrle's behind-the-back flip and then there was, well, this:

I ... what?

I have no idea what's going on here. I'm going to have to slow this one down.

The best guess is that C.J. Cron thought that the ball was hit to the second baseman, not Jake Odorizzi. So he was not expecting a throw from the direction of the pitcher. This seems right. I think.

You can't even blame Odorizzi for being perplexed by the misplay. I barely understand it after watching it 17 times.

File this reaction under "When your co-worker drops the birthday cake" or "When the Monstars steal your teammate's powers."

You hate to see it.