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Pitcher Trevor Cahill tried so hard and ate it even harder on this amazing glove flip attempt

Hustle is everything in sports. Lay it all out there on the line and try your best and no one can fault you for what happens. Angels pitcher Trevor Cahill may know that deep down in his bones, but that may not help him when he looks back on this play.

During Wednesday's game against the Twins, Jonathan Schoop rolled a ball down the first-base line. Cahill picked up the ball and had images of glory in his mind. He would flip the ball from his glove and, in one graceful arc, he would get the out and he would head back to the mound.

Instead, it was a cacophony of bloopers. Cahill hit the ground while the ball went one way and his glove went another -- after it flipped over from behind his back. I don't think he could have done that even if he tried.

This is like when you see a cool cake recipe on Instagram, but when you make it, the cake is not only inedible, but you also set fire to the curtains. It’s like when you put on a fancy outfit, but trip into the buffet, get covered in a variety of sauces and potato salads and then rip your pants when you try to stand back up.

Of course, there might just be something happening in Minnesota today. One inning later, C.J. Cron seemed incredibly confused that the pitcher had the ball. Hey, baseball's hard.