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Francisco Lindor hit the funniest double you'll ever see 

Rain fell over Cleveland on Thursday afternoon. Normally, that's a good thing -- reservoirs, flowers, that sort of thing. The only problem? The White Sox and Indians were set to play a game during the storm.

That led to one of the greatest doubles you'll ever see. In the bottom of the fifth inning -- the final one the two teams needed to complete for the game to be considered official -- Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor hit a high fly ball to right field. Normally, that's an easy out, but with the ground slick, Charlie Tilson went down like a cartoon character slipping on a banana.

By the way, this was officially scored as a double.

This GIF should be used any and all times you feel confident before making a terrible mistake. Like, say, when you think "I'll wing my best man speech," before launching into a profanity-laced tale of a night of debauchery. Or, perhaps, when you say, "I don't need to read the recipe" before your souffle turns into a chemical weapon. It's up to you. Have fun.