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Apparently the D-backs' Eduardo Escobar is deathly afraid of cats

I'm sure most therapists and mental health advocates would feel differently, but "Maury" is the show for confronting your greatest fears. Scared of pickles? Prepare to be bombarded with them. Masks put a chill down your spine? You won't be able to get away from them.

Well, it may be time for D-backs infielder Eduardo Escobar to go on the show. Why? He's terrified of cats. Not jungle cats. Not cats that have returned from the dead like in "Pet Semetary." Just normal, ordinary house cats. And on Monday, his D-backs teammates got him good:

This isn't the first time a player has been scared by animals. Moe Drabowsky's go-to prank was putting snakes in people's bags -- which he did even during the World Series. Miguel Sano likes to use the rubber snake method. And Glenallen Hill was on the injured list because of a dream about spiders.

But house cats? That's a new one.