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Manny Machado got revenge on Braves mascot Blooper a day after losing $300M to him

This week's four-game series between the Braves and Padres has been a back and forth between two of the most exciting young teams in baseball. But, the action off the field has been just as compelling.

It seems that Blooper, the Braves' mascot, has some beef with Padres star Manny Machado.

The series started on Monday with Machado acting like he was Blooper's uncle and getting him to fall for one of the oldest pranks in the book. On Tuesday, Blooper got a bit of revenge by surprising Machado by demanding payment after a seemingly free shoe shine.

On Wednesday night, Blooper truly escalated things by ... maybe committing a crime?

After a brief losing streak, Manny was determined to get the last laugh. So, when Blooper came up to him before Thursday's game, he wasn't going to let the mascot set the terms of engagement.

After signalling that things were going to be different, Manny really turned the tables and righted the wrong of Blooper's attempted fraud.

Either this is the natural conclusion of the Machado-Blooper beef wars or the next meeting between the Braves and Padres is going to be lit.