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This Ozzie Albies-Ronald Acuña Jr. interaction will make you smile

Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuña Jr. are both clearly good at baseball. They led the Braves to a surprising NL East title last season when most people thought the team was a year or two away from contention.

Perhaps the most important fact about the Braves' young stars, however, is that they are best friends. They've even said that they feel like brothers. And, like any self-respecting siblings, they engage in their fair share of shenanigans.

On Thursday, Albies and Acuña added another chapter to their history of messing with each other. In the eighth inning of Thursday's game against the Cardinals, Braves pitcher Touki Toussaint got a hold of a 100-mph fastball and sent it to deep center field. While Acuña admired his teammates' power, Albies kept his eyes on the true prize: messing with his co-star.

You can see that Acuña was upset with himself for letting his guard down with Albies lurking nearby. Like baseball, a sibling prank war is a game of adjustments, so you can be sure that Acuña won't let something like this happen again and that he won't wait long to get his his friendly nemesis back.