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Get your first look at the Mariners' truly delightful James Paxton fanny packs

One of the true joys of every offseason is poring over promotional schedules for the next year -- which team will come up with the most outrageous throwback or bobblehead? With all due respect to Jedi Aaron Judge, one 2018 event in particular caught our eye: the Mariners' '90s Night, complete with a James Paxton fanny pack.

Because really, who wouldn't love the idea of one of baseball's strangest aces -- all 6-foot-4 of him -- wearing a fanny pack? (Or even a fanny Paxton. We'll show ourselves out.)
But the initial announcement left one thing out: an actual photo of the pack in question. So, for months, we waited and wondered what it might look like. On Friday afternoon, we finally got out answer -- and it's spectacular:

Between the teal and the face pattern, this is guaranteed to bring the pack back.