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After blasting a home run, Mark Canha declared that it's bat flipping season

Even before Opening Day, the 2019 season of bat flips got started off right with Mariners shortstop Tim Beckham unleashing a lovely flip in the Opening Series in Japan. Whether the rest of the league realized it or not, that act set a tone.

On Saturday night, Athletics outfielder Mark Canha declared with words what Beckham began with his deeds. After pulling a home run down the left-field line in the fourth inning of the A's 4-2 win over the Angels, he flipped his bat and formally announced the start of bat flipping season.

Let's zoom in on that announcement, because it's an important one.

Opening Day of the 2019 regular season might have been Thursday, but, thanks to Canha, Saturday was opening day of bat flipping season. Let the games -- and flips -- begin!