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Catching two foul balls in a matter of minutes has to make you some kind of superhero, right?

No, that wasn't a replay. And even Royals right fielder Jorge Soler couldn't believe it.

In the sixth inning of Sunday's Royals-Marlins game in Miami, Martín Prado slapped a foul ball down the right-field line, where it was caught by a young fan with an outstretched glove.

Later in that same at-bat, Prado slashed another foul down the right-field line, which wound up in the glove of that same young fan.

Yes -- the kid caught two foul balls in a matter of minutes, from the same hitter, in the same at-bat.

What, exactly, is happening here? This is some sorcery, right? As in, this kid is some sort of wizard, bending his mind to direct the baseballs to his glove, right? It has to be something like this, because I can't accept that it's just random physics and coincidence. It's too weird.

Remember how Eleven showed up in "Stranger Things" and a bunch of weird, explainable stuff started happening? Lights flickered, waffles became unavailable everywhere, and things were ... well, strange? It was not a coincidence when that intense young woman with supernatural abilities showed up and everything went off the rails.

That's this kid leaving Marlins Park on Sunday, just with baseballs instead of waffles.

The same way, there must be some correlation between this kid having mystical powers and him winding up with two foul balls, one after the other. Because you don't see this every day at baseball games. Sequences like this are pretty rare and ridiculous.

Just a few days ago, we were reminded just how difficult catching foul balls can be:

But that wasn't the case for this young Marlins fan on Sunday, to whom this was a piece of cake ... somehow.

“It was incredible,” said Soler through an interpreter to's Christina DeNicola after getting an up-close view of Ortiz's grabs. “It was right in front of me. It was incredible.”

This weirdness has happened before, however.

It's still super odd, though.

Congrats on your magical powers, anybody who lives out this impossible dream by virtue of your supernatural abilities.

Please use them wisely.