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An unprecedented Matt Beaty-Tyler Beede battle ended in a BB, as it absolutely needed to

If baseball games were brought to us by letters of the alphabet the way "Sesame Street" episodes are, Monday night's Giants-Dodgers game would definitely have been presented by the letter "B."

B's were bountiful in the first inning when Giants right-hander Tyler Beede faced Dodgers infielder Matt Beaty in an unprecedented and highly entertaining Beede-Beaty battle.

The only way this could have ended, of course, was for Beaty to draw a walk -- or a BB, if you're keeping score at home -- against Beede. And sure enough, he did draw a walk, the first of his young MLB career in just over 50 at-bats.

Remember where you were for the great Beaty-Beede BB battle of 2019. Maybe next time we can all throw a BBQ to celebrate the ... (I'm sorry, I have to) ... Beaty-Beede BB BBQ.