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Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen's kids were running all over the field on Father's Day

Baseball families came out to the ballpark all across MLB for Father's Day on Sunday, but Dodger Stadium was the scene of some adorable pregame festivities from the children of Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen before the team's game with the Cubs.

Charley Kershaw, Clayton's young son who has put his burgeoning interest in baseball on full display a few times already, played catcher for a few seconds ... though he was literally crouching on home plate, rather than behind it:

He'll figure it out.

But seriously -- is it any surprise Charley's in love with the game?

He even brought a trusty miniature version of his dad to the park on Sunday, and was excited to show it off to anybody interested.

While Kershaw's son was running around the infield practicing for his own potential future in the game, the same was happening with Jansen's family. Check out one of his kids, literally crawling out toward the pitching mound where Dad does all his hard work:

That's just precious.

Happy Father's Day, indeed!