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Having perfected bat flips and pitching, Clayton Kershaw's son put on a baserunning clinic

If you're not already on the Charley Kershaw bandwagon, it's time to get fully on-board, because the kid's a threat on the diamond already.

After the Dodgers' 8-0 win over the Phillies on Sunday, Clayton Kershaw's son took part in the postgame race-around-the-bases. And the kid's a burner!

If you're keeping track, Charley's been putting on quite a show over the past few weeks, demonstrating a familial baseball pedigree that can't be beat. I mean, look at this bat-flipping technique:

And -- oh yeah -- he's also a pitching phenom, too.

Young Charley had another bullpen session on Sunday, because he has his dad's work ethic:

Pitching: check.

Bat-flipping: check.

Running the bases: check.

Remember this checklist if, a few years down the line, there's another Kershaw out there turning heads.