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Max Kepler lost his footing during a throw attempt on a Kendrys Morales double

Have you ever tried to look for your keys, searching every nook and cranny of existence, only to be clutching them in your hand? Have you ever thrown something with all of your might just to lose your grip and watch it bounce just inches in front of you? Yes -- you have. And if you say you haven't, you're lying. Max Kepler had a moment like that on Wednesday that was similar and may make you realize baseball players are humans too.
In the bottom of the first of the Twins-Blue Jays game, Kendrys Morales smacked an RBI double to deep right-field. It bounced off the top of the wall and Kepler ran after it. After picking up the ball, the Twins outfielder threw it to Brian Dozier -- well, kind of:

Yep -- he had one of those moments we've all experienced. And if you have yet to have something like this happen to you, buckle up tight -- these things are inevitable. 
And hey, the ball got to the infield either way.