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Being up 17-1 didn't keep Yasiel Puig from throwing a flat-footed strike to the plate from the right-field corner

The Dodgers offense was on full display on Monday night's win  over the Pirates, scoring in five of the first six innings and taking a healthy 17-1 lead into the top of the seventh.
With that much of a cushion, some players might opt to take it a bit easy on the defensive side, or at least not give it the normal 100 percent. 
Yasiel Puig is not most players, and that explains this effort on a liner down the right-field line off the bat of Jordy Mercer. Rounding second, Corey Dickerson may have had thoughts about heading for the plate, but Puig made sure he got the stop sign with this unreal, flat-footed strike from foul territory:

This play happened in Los Angeles, roughly 30 miles from Anaheim, give or take. Back in 2014, that's where Yoenis Céspedes, (then with the A's), uncorked a similarly ridiculous throw from the left-field corner to nab Howie Kendrick at the plate in a sequence that still seems unbelievable

In fact, both of these throws seem unbelievable. But oh yes, they happened. 

Don't run on Yasiel, and don't run on Yoenis.