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Yasiel Puig picked up an assist with a 96.2-mph laser throw that looked impossibly easy

Yasiel Puig entertains. The Dodgers outfielder only has one gear on the field, and it's of the relentlessly high-energy variety.
Whether crushing home runs and rewarding hitting coach Turner Ward with a warm embrace in the dugout or robbing home runs with spectacular catches (or shooting live videos of his public transportation adventures), Puig is a delight to watch. 
Unless you're on the other team ... as the Padres' Hunter Renfroefound out in the third inning of San Diego's 4-3 win on Friday night in Los Angeles: 

That throw right there? Just a cool 96.2-mph laser throw from Puig, fielding a single to right field and seamlessly firing a strike to the plate as if it was no big deal at all:

The thing is, that was a big deal. That throw was just unfair. But as ridiculous as it was, it's not even Puig's hardest-thrown outfield assist of the season.
Watch out, runners. He's out there, and he'll throw you out.