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Dom Smith somehow found a way to lose his helmet on a home run

At this point in Dom Smith's young career, Mets fans probably know at least two things about him. He loves to hit. As his 2019 campaign has proved, he's quite good at it!

The other thing? Much like Eduardo Nunez, Smith has no reservations about losing his helmet on the basepaths.

As we learned on Saturday afternoon against the Giants, Smith's predeliction toward losing his helmet even applies to his homers. Against Jeff Samardzija, he went deep for his career-high 10th homer of the season to put the Mets in front, 1-0 ...

... and somehow lost his helmet in the process.

How is this possible? The blast went toward the cavernous right-center field of Oracle Park, but it still traveled 433 feet. Yet Smith was still running hard enough for his helmet to fly off. That's some hustle, or at least a flair for the dramatic.

I don't entirely understand Dom Smith. But, just like the Mets, I appreciate him.