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Mets prospect Luis Guillorme caught a bat that flew into the dugout like it was no big deal

Luis Guillorme is currently the Mets' No. 17-ranked prospect. He's with the big league club during Spring Training, and he must be trying to impress the team any way he can, whenever he can. He can do so with moves like these at shortstop, for example. But a less conventional opportunity presented itself as he waited in the dugout during the Mets' Spring Training matchup against the Marlins on Thursday.  
In the second inning, Adeiny Hechavarria swung at a pitch from Robert Gsellman and lost control of his bat, which went soaring toward the Mets' dugout -- but it was no bother for Guillorme:

Barehanded grabs in the field are a good way for Guillorme to earn the notice of the Mets coaches, sure, but barehanding a flying baseball bat will live forever in the memories of everyone who was standing in that dugout with him.
Guillorme's scouting report already says he has "the fastest hands in the system," and apparently that means on and off the field. 
He also has a bit of newfound celebrity. When Guillorme arrived back in the clubhouse after the game, an attendant told him that his phone, which was plugged into a wall outlet, had not stopped buzzing since he made the catch. Sure enough, Guillorme grabbed his phone to find about 150 new Instagram notifications and 45 texts.
"I just literally saw the bat coming at me and caught it," Guillorme shrugged. "Didn't think much of it."
But Guillorme does, apparently, have a habit of staying in the line of fire when bats and balls come flying his way.
"Usually when stuff like that happens, I really don't get out of the way," he said. "I saw it the whole way. I threw my hand at it. The bat just happened to land on it."
Not so dexterous was teammate Brandon Nimmo, who was standing next to Guillorme at the time. When the bat came flying in their direction, Nimmo tumbled back into the dugout -- right, in Guillorme's estimation, into the path the bat would have taken had he not caught it.
"I was like, 'What in the world?'" Nimmo said. "I was waiting for it to hit near me, or by me. And I turned around and Guillorme just has it in his hand. I was like, 'Did you catch it?' Then I ran right in here to watch the replay. It was nice! He didn't even flinch."