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Arts and crafts expert Mike Fiers taped an A's logo over his Tigers cap for a post-trade interview

For a pitcher, being called "crafty" is a compliment. It generally means he has a certain skill when it comes to commanding the zone, outsmarting hitters with his full repertoire of pitches. 
While all of that is true regarding veteran right-hander Mike Fiers, especially when considering his 2015 no-hitter against the Dodgers, he's also "crafty" in the non-sports manner. As in, he's good with tape and construction paper. 
On Monday, the A's picked up Fiers in a trade with the Tigers, adding some stability to a staff that saw four different pitchers go down with season-ending injuries earlier in the year. Fiers was interviewed about the deal before he received his new A's gear, so ... he taped "A's" over the Tigers logo on his cap: 

The man has a gift.