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Mike Soroka knows he looks like Joffrey from Game of Thrones, but still hasn't seen the show

Entering Sunday's series finale of Game of Thrones, fan theories abound about who will end the show ruling Westeros from the iron throne. Will it be Danaerys or Jon? Maybe the show has been saving one last surprise for viewers and a dark-horse contender will emerge to rule the Seven Kingdoms. We'll likely soon learn those answers.

One character who is almost sure to not sit upon the throne at the end of Sunday's episode, however, is Joffrey Baratheon because, well, he was poisoned at his own wedding back in Season 4. But, the likeness of Joffrey lives on in the form of Braves pitcher Mike Soroka. On Saturday, he was asked about having an incompetent (and dead) tyrant as a doppelgänger.

Fortunately for Soroka, he has not yet seen Game of Thrones, though he says he has plans to get on the same page as his teammates soon. Once he sees the show, we suspect he'll be a little less thrilled with the comparison than he is now.

After all, who would want to be associated with one of the few completely loathsome characters on the show? Getting poisoned doesn't sound that great, either.