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Angels fans hypnotized the camera with Mike Trout's face everywhere thanks to Trout Shirt Night

The Angels held a promotion for their 9-3 win at home against the Mariners on Tuesday. It seemed simple enough at first: Trout Shirt Night. These weren't your ordinary T-shirt promotions, though.
Instead of a simple Angels jersey with Trout's name and number on the back, the Angels gave away plain white shirts that had Trout's player headshot on them. That made for an extremely unsettling scene when the camera caught groups of people throughout the crowd wearing the exact same shirt:

Trout's gaze surrounded him. It must have been like playing in front of funhouse mirrors.
Well, dancing funhouse mirrors, perhaps:

Trout's face is moving in every direction!
He was even in the background when Justin Upton went to catch a foul ball in stands:

We certainly understand the Angels' idea to get as many Trouts in their ballpark as possible, but this is next-level.
Regardless, Trout would probably appreciate all the ... unusual support.

We think.