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Mike Yastrzemski’s family watched as he was picked off immediately after his first career hit

Getting your first career hit is an exciting moment, no matter how it goes down, one you dream of all your life and one your family hopes to be in attendance for, beaming with pride from the stands. But when something goofy happens and things don't go according to plan, it can look pretty amusing to everybody else.

Sunday was a big day for the Yastrzemski family. Mike Yastrzemski, grandson of Hall of Famer and baseball legend Carl Yastrzemski, picked up the first base hit of his career in the second inning of the Giants' game against the D-backs at Oracle Park.

That's great, right? All smiles from his wife and family in the stands, right? Well ... not really, as Yastrzemski rounded the bag a bit too far after his bloop fell in for a hit in shallow left field and suffered the consequences.

Here's how it went down from his family's perspective.

First, the base hit. Smiles and excitement abound!

But then, as he ventured too far toward second base and wound up tagged out, his family recoiled, his wife (in the brown jacket) having tried in vain to urge him to retreat to the first-base bag and avoid the tag:

In what other sport can a moment as important as one of your first milestones end in such chaos?

Yastrzemski's next time up, though, he picked up another hit and avoided any disasters at first base, so everybody's happy now.