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He was so focused on arguing with the umpire that he didn't notice the pole directly in front of him

Matt Whatley is a competitor. A catcher for the Hickory Crawdads -- a Class A affiliate of the Texas Rangers -- he's in his third year of professional baseball, looking to achieve his ultimate dream of playing in the Major Leagues. Every moment, every at-bat, is a chance to build toward that dream.

So when he feels as though he's been on the wrong end of some ball and strike calls, well, he's going to let the umpiring crew know about it. In fact, he's going to keep letting them know about it, even after he's been ejected from the game. Even on his way back to the clubhouse. Even though there's a dugout pole directly in his path:

MAN, did he catch that thing flush. He looks like he just walked into a Wile E. Coyote bit.

Obviously, there's no recovering from walking directly into a pole as you're trying to win an argument. Although we do respect the teammate behind him for giving a quick pat on the back instead of immediately falling over in laughter.