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No one is more romantic than certified softie Andrew McCutchen

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Former National League MVP Andrew McCutchen is charming in the kind of unpracticed, natural way that you most often associate with movie stars. He is as comfortable in the dugout, dancing his way into our hearts, as he is at home, making an Instagram movie out of his life.

But when he's not hitting dingers – which, unfortunately, includes a lot of this year as he's gone for the season – the man known as Cutch is just the biggest softie in the world and the most romantic baseball player there is.

Before we go any further, let me tell you that I often bristle at the kind of smarmy romantic headlines that populate the internet. But, the real truth is that when McCutchen does it, it makes me melt.

He proposed on "Ellen" back in 2013. Looking back at the video, you can tell he's nervous despite working very hard at remaining composed. He's almost swallowing his words. It can't be that he’s just nervous to be on television. He's on TV and in front of tens of thousands of people every day.

No, he's nervous because he's about to ask his girlfriend, the love of his life, to be his wife.

This is cheesy as hell! You can tell he didn't outsource this production or hire a script doctor. This is adorable and kind of awkward, and it's one hundred percent true to who McCutchen is: A Stylish superstar, who is a big, goofy romantic.

When the couple announced that they would be having their first child, McCutchen became a moviemaker again. Shot in black and white, with a soft piano and vocal arrangement behind them, McCutchen and his wife, Maria, stood looking out over a lake.

The video is over the top. It may even make you cringe. This could be something that the Hallmark Channel would turn down for being a little too much for them.

But, for Cutch, it works. Why? Because it's clearly true to what Andrew and Maria McCutchen were feeling. This is a professional athlete and his wife, in love with the family they are creating.

Andrew’s not the only romantic in the relationship either. Maria appears to be pretty good at the giant gesture thing herself, having created an entire All-Star party for the star while he was injured earlier this season.

Recently, the family announced that they'd be adding a new member, and they had a birth reveal to announce it. This can be hard to pull off: A birth announcement is all about forced pageantry.

But when I looked at the photos, I realized that it's not McCutchen who is too corny, but it's me who has become too jaded. In the video, Andrew is wearing a matching pink shirt with his son, Steel (named for his former city, by the way), while Maria wears blue. The two look so thrilled -- with giant, wide-as-their-face smiles -- as the blue smoke filters around them.

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Baby boy #2 coming this December!!! 💙

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The McCutchens basically live a romantic comedy. And that seems to be a pretty good movie to try to live in every day -- even if it's incredibly cheesy.