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You've never seen a conference room look as fun as when MLB mascots fill it

The grass is always greener. While you're in your fluorescent-lit drab office, staring out the window, I'm sure you're fantasizing about what it's like to be a sports mascot. "That's a job with no responsibilities," you think. "You just dance and laugh and bring joy to the world all day every day forever." 
Bizarrely enough, that turns out to be inaccurate. Now that the season's over, Major League mascots converged on Kansas City for -- what else? -- a business conference. 

This is "The Last Supper" of business photographs. I have so many questions. Do the mascots stay in character the whole day? Do they review spreadsheets with figures like Laughs per $? Are there PowerPoint presentations on Dancing: The Mascot and The Hidden Scourge of Hip Injuries? 
Fortunately, while they do ... whatever ... it is that they're doing, they take some time to see the sites: