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Eight times that MLB stars showed us how to stay fit on the baseball field

We get it: Baseball has a reputation for involving lots of standing around. But there's plenty of jaw-dropping physical activity happening every day -- not only are Major Leaguers remarkable athletes, but they put together whole workout routines on the diamond, as evidenced below.

Get some quick bicep work in using a teammate's bat

Adam Jones' struggle is just Chris Davis' workout routine:


Crush Davis to the rescue.

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Turn the outfield wall into a pullup bar

Kevin Kiermaier may just never come down:


Make room for a quick barrel roll

And some wind sprints:


Do some cardio with a quick jaunt around the bases



Remember to hydrate, though:



Remember: Your bat is your most convenient exercise tool

And also a handy stress-reliever:


Don't forget your core!

Like crunches, but more fun:



Test your reaction time

And/or just straight-up do some pushups:


When all else fails, swat some dingers

Just don't be afraid to show your results afterward: