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Quiz time! What would you name this Houston Astros boy band?

As teammates, the Astros definitely have one another's backs. Just recently, Tony Kemp saved Justin Verlander from what could have been a bad experience with a gum bucket. And now, a group of the guys posed for one of the most epic (and adorable) photos you will see:

Perfect, right? 
This was taken when Alex Bregman, George Springer, Carlos Correa and José Altuve watched manager AJ Hinch's press conference as he signed a four-year contract extension.
We made the decision, along with our trusty Twitter account, that they looked like a boy band. But what should their name be? Did we want something teen-poppy? Or maybe they reminded us of the bands our parents didn't let us listen to in high school? We asked the wonderful people of Twitter and they delivered. Our favorite ones are listed in the poll below, and we would love for you to vote for your favorite: