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Nick Swisher blasted a second-deck homer in the Old-Timers' Day Game and smiled his way around the bases

Nick Swisher loves life. I think that's pretty obvious from how he conducted himself throughout -- and after -- his big league career. 
But even Swisher can find new, ever more ways to experience greater joy. He found that on Sunday's Yankees Old-Timers' Day. Batting against Jeff Nelson (who Swisher admitted threw it "right down the middle for me), Swisher launched an absolute blast all the way to the Yankee Stadium second deck. When he went to run the bases, he couldn't wipe the largest possible smile from his face: 

Retaining that enthusiasm when he got back to the dugout, Swisher admitted, "I'm just a little kid! I was a little kid when I was a player. I feel like every time you take the field, you have a lifetime pass to be a little kid for as long as you want. For me, I'm just happy to be here. I couldn't believe that [homer] -- you only dream of stuff like that!" 
After the game, the former outfielder and source of all the optimism in the universe took a well-deserved Gatorade bath:

If you take only one thing away from this homer, know this: Live every day like Nick Swisher.