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Nicky Delmonico's brother had a catch with him from the stands and said it felt like 'heaven'

Ever wondered what you need to do in order to have a catch with your favorite MLBer? Well, as this Nicky Delmonico superfan proved before Sunday's Tigers-White Sox game, you simply need to wear the same jersey:

Well, that AND be related to him.'s Scott Merkin reports that the fan was Nicky's brother, Joey. Via Joey's Instagram:
"Playing catch with your little bro in the top of the 3rd against the Detroit Tigers, priceless. A moment I'll never forget. This field, this game, it's a part of our past, and our family. Is this heaven, no, it's Chicago, but today it sure felt like it. Love you bro. Thanks for the memories and can't wait to come back to Chicago! "

Pretty sweet. Still, it's worth testing out the "wear a player's jersey, play catch with said player'" theory. You can yell out, "Hey! I'm kind of almost you, but not as good at baseball. Let's play catch!" Mike Trout's even done it if you wear the Angels' team colors.