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Noah Syndergaard thinks that Gritty is a terrible mascot

With their Spring Training officially wrapped up, the Mets were scheduled to fly from Florida to Syracuse, N.Y., on Monday night to hold an open workout for fans at the Carrier Dome. The team eventually made it, but not before mechanical issues delayed their plane on the tarmac for a few hours.

While we'd never wish travel issues on anyone, the mishap did allow Noah Syndergaard to field some questions on Twitter:

He offered his take on just about everything, from the MCU ...

... to Tebow:

But he reserved his spiciest take of the night for mascots. Thor typically reserves his scorn for Mr. Met, but on Monday night, he started a whole new beef entirely:

While only the bravest among us would publicly besmirch the Flyers' anti-mascot in 2019, we're here to say that we stand with Syndergaard. The Phanatic has been looking weird and trolling everyone around him for decades now, and no one ever thought to turn him into a meme: