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Noah Syndergaard threw himself (and seeds and baby powder) into Robert Gsellman's interview

Sunflower seeds and baby powder are useful tools for professional athletes. They're also great projectiles to heave at your teammates when trying to throw them off their interview game
That's what unfolded in the Mets' dugout during Thursday's Spring Training contest with the Marlins after Robert Gsellman finished his spring debut with two scoreless innings of work and prepared for a dugout interview with SNY's Steve Gelbs.
Not content to let his pitching pal and roommate Gsellman take care of business, Noah Syndergaard tried to be a real pest with the aforementioned seeds and powder. 

To Gsellman's credit, he powered through the chat, promising, "Oh, he's going to get it later, don't worry" as debris cascaded down on his shoulder (and Gelbs', too!). Watch the whole episode atop this post. 
Pretty eventful day for the Mets' dugout, considering what else happened on the afternoon ...