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Watch Noah Syndergaard baffle the Blue Jays with a blazing 98-mph sinker

There are supposed to be limits in the natural world. Just as objects can't float without reason and liquids don't freeze without cold weather, humans aren't supposed to be able to throw pitches with tons of velocity and even more movement. Noah Syndergaard cares not for the rules of physics, as he proved on a rainy New York night against the Blue Jays on Tuesday. 
Look at this 98-mph sinker that seems to just stretch its way across the box: 

Here's the craziest part: That wasn't even his fastest sinker of the night. Take a look at his 99.9-mph beauty that completely locked Josh Donaldson up:  

And just when you think you have that sized up, he comes with a changeup ... a 91-mph changeup:

In case you're wondering, the average MLB changeup is 84 mph. 
One downside to Syndergaard's blazing stuff is, like Icarus, he can't fly too close to the sun. So, after five innings of two-run, seven-strikeout baseball, Thor left the ballgame. But it was more than enough in the Mets' 12-2 victory. Syndergaard even drove in two of those runs with a double and a sacrifice fly.